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Good Morning!

I hope I’m not too late for the rewrite entry.

I call my Re-write of Game of Thrones the “Open Ended aka Cliffhanger” ending.

Let me start off by writing that this all takes place after Drogon melts the throne and flies away with Daenerys’ body. Jon Snow stands next to the melted throne, numb from what has taken place. He looks around at the destroyed keep, the melted throne and Dany’s blood pooled on the floor. Everything is a blur. We see a close up of his eyes as he stares almost trance-like at the blood on the floor. His emotions come rushing to the surface and he begins crying. In the distance, you hear footsteps coming down the hall. Greyworm and two Unsullied soldiers enter the room. Jon doesn’t even acknowledge their presence as he’s still in shock. “What happened?!” Greyworm shouts. “Where is the Queen?!”. “Gone.” Jon says softly. “Gone? Gone where?!” Grey worm asks. Just then, Greyworm notices the blood on the floor and realizes Jon’s expression seems vacant except for his tear-stained face. Greyworm: “What have you done to our Queen?!” (He points his spear at Jon Snow. Jon makes eye contact with Greyworm.) Jon: “I’m not going to stand by and watch her turn the world into fire and ash. Nor will I turn a blind eye as every man, woman and child are slaughtered where they stand with no justice or remorse!” Greyworm: That is not for you to decide!!! You ARE NOT our King! The Throne will never be yours! Jon: I don’t want the throne! I never did! She was my Queen too! I loved her! She wasn’t going to stop. Greyworm: You will pay for what you’ve done!
Jon: So be it.
(Jon draws his sword and the flanking Unsullied soldiers react by moving into attack position. Greyworm waves them off with a nod and they stand to attention. Greyworm and Jon circle each other slowly as they stare into each other’s eyes. Greyworm looks down and sees Deanerys’ blood on the floor and lunges at Jon Snow. They fight throughout the keep with Jon mostly using Long Claw defensively to deflect Greyworm’s lunging attacks. Greyworm spins around hits Jon in the arm and reverses but Jon ducks the strike. Greyworm thrusts the spear toward Jon and he deflects it with Long Claw and brings the sword down with a death blow on Greyworm’s neck but stops before the blade touches him. Greyworm realizes he has been defeated and spared by Jon.
Greyworm: Go ahead! Finish it! Take your crown, but the unsullied will never call you King. Jon: No. I am no King. I have killed our Queen. The people of Westeros must now decide who will wear the crown. I pray they make a better decision than we did. (Jon lowers his blade and drops Long Claw to the ground. Staring at Greyworm, Jon falls to his knees. Greyworm slowly stands and looks at Jon. Jon: This is then end of our campaign. My treason ends here. The people of Kings Landing have suffered enough. They are not to blame. Our Queen gave you freedom. Go. Be free. (Greyworm continues looking at Jon and slowly reaches for the sword at his waist) Jon: Strike hard and true.
(camera pans out as we see Greyworm from behind pull his sword out swiftly and quickly returns it to it’s sheath as Jon’s lifeless body slumps over.

From here, we continue on with the meeting at Dragon’s Keep as it happened on the show and Bran is named King Bran the Broken. We also continue with the remaining Stark montages as Sansa becomes Queen of the North and Arya becomes the great West explorer.

We end with a few other epilogues:

1. Tyrion asks Sam “If you dropped out of the citadel, stole their books and fathered a child…how did you earn the rank of Grand Maester?” and Sam smiles and says “Jon’s true parentage wasn’t the only thing I found in those books.” And winks at Tyrion

2. In the High Hall of the Eyrie we see Robin sitting on the throne surrounded by dozens of naked harems. Waymar Royce enters and says “Excuse me Lord, you have a delivery!”. With that, Robin jumps up and runs down the stairs and we see the visitor is Hot Pie. Robin says “I hear you make the best pie in all of Westeros! Is that true?” Hot Pie sheepishly says “Well, so I’ve been told.”. Robin unwraps the pie and takes one bite. He looks at Hot Pie and says “This pie is cold!”. Hot Pie says “Well, my Lord, it was a long journey…”. Robin Looks at Hot Pie for a moment before he replies “Indeed it was, good sir. I thank you for the pie.” Robin walks bac up the stairs and sits on the Throne. “Master Royce!” Robin says “Please show our guest to the moon door.”

3. Arya is studying the map when she hears a commotion on the deck. She runs outside to see what is going on. There’s a tall bald man standing there in soot covered clothes completely filthy from head to toe and his face is completely burnt and he is wearing an eye patch over his left eye. Everyone is horrified by the man’s appearance except Arya. She looks at the man and says “Can I help you?” and the man sneers “Got room for one more?”. Arya looks at him for a moment and says “You look like shit.” Then man stares back at her and says “You should see the other cunt.” Arya smiles.

4. Torrmund is overseeing the rebuilding of the wall and takes the elevator to the top of the wall with Ghost by his side. They reach the top and walk along nodding approvingly at the men. They reach a wooden perch and stare out at the true North. Torrmund is petting Ghost as he gazes out at the snow covered lands and then he sees something in the snow. He and ghost run to a closer perch and he begins to make out the shape. At the foot of the wall are hundreds of bloody animal carcasses positioned in a swirling pattern. Torrmund looks at Ghost and back at the men repairing the wall and shouts “BUILD FASTER!!!”

5. Finally, we see a figure in the desert riding a horse down a path surrounded my rocky walls. The figure is cloaked and appears to be female. A distant roar is heard and the rider stops. The roar gets louder and louder until a giant shadow passes over the rider. From the sky, Drogon descends and lands in front of the rider. The rider dismounts her horse and approaches Drogon. Drogon slowly lowers his mother’s body at the woman’s feet and nudges the body with his nose. The woman removes her hood revealing herself to be Kinarva (the Red Queen from Mereen). Drogon continues nudging his mother’s body toward the Red Queen. She bends down and touches Daenerys’ lifeless body and looks up at Drogon and says “I’ll see what I can do.” Fade to black.

Brent Starnes
Hickory, NC

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