GOT Question- Dothraki

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The pod is great and I enjoy listening to keep my week filled with GOT while I wait for the next (last! ahh!) episode. I laugh when people say you guys are too soft but then you also get comments about being too hard on the show. People! Sheeeesh! Keep doing what you do!

My comment/question is “where are the Dothraki people?”

I understand the warriors are more important to show in battle the scenes but didn’t Dany overthrow all the Kahls so the whole of the Dothraki would follow her? Did I miss something and she left the women, elderly, and children behind before crossing the Narrow Sea? They are people that love her and could help her feel less of an outsider in Westeros, in my humble opinion.

Not really important to this week’s show I suppose but something no one has talked about.

Kristin Vanderby

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    I think the limited ship space dictated that they only take fighters. What surprised me was how many Dothraki made it to Westeros and how many survived The Long Night to fight again at King’s Landing.

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