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Hey Shat Team,

Long time listener to all your content except (American Gods S:2, that show sucks). Your work is amazing and I greatly enjoy it, so please keep it up. Covering my work territory of (NJ, DE, MD, DC, VA, WVA) is tough but having the ability to be “SHATisfied aka the state of being relaxed by listening to Shat on Podcasts” makes the driving so much easier.

On GoT, I seriously just don’t get why everyone is so upset about the Danerys “Mad Queen” turn. I truly believe that her actions doesn’t necessarily make her “crazy or mad”, it definitely doesn’t make her a nice person but that”s how it goes sometimes. What I mean is people keep applying their real-world 2019 sensibilities to a fantasy based show set in a time where if you had an altercation with someone and killed them there isn’t going to be an investigation or a hastag/movement about it, life would just go on. Westeros is basically a giant battle ground with a few periods of peace scattered throughout the years. That means killing happens quite regularly and it comes to everyone (innocent or not). Back to Danerys, she is trying to win a war not a office promotion so there are numerous mindsets or philosophies when it comes to battle that when against any opponent that you put your enemy down utterly and completely. In doing so the instilling of fear into the enemies population during battle is going to occur and to Dany, she seems to be using that as a tactic and not because she just thought it was funny or liked it. She can very easily move on from her choice to burn the city/people and make so-called good choices afterward. That probably won’t happen in the last episode but that”s just how I see it. Danerys isn’t necessarily a great thinker/strategist but she has a mindset of “If somebody fucks with me, I’m going to finish it….forever”.

Lastly, I was thinking you guys could use a new movie category for Shat the Movies and I came up with a category called “Really Random Late 90″s Movies”. So potential candidates for this could be as follows:

1. The Game – Michael Douglas (excellent movie)
2. The 13th Warrior – Antonio Banderas (sneaky good movie)
3. Strange Days – Ralph Fiennes (Very Weird)
4. Virtuosity – Denzel Washington (So bad you have to watch)
5. The Fan – Wesley Snipes & De Niro (…..exactly)

Bryan Fong

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1 Response

  1. Kenny P says:

    Love the movies suggested.

    I am in total agreement that American Gods isn’t the best thing to watch. However, the podcast, and watching the show along with the podcast is worth the trip. It’s funny to explore what they attempted to do, and failed, and things they did that absolutely hit the mark. There are some things this season that were pretty decent, if you can stomach a few episodes of the show and listen to the podcast, I’m telling you, you won’t regret it. You’ll always have the endless references of American Gods TV that will be echoed through this podcast.

    For the record, I strongly dislike the show, but it did have some good moments that make you feel something, and bring a certain nostalgia. I enjoy the conversation and I do try to read everything fans take the time to write, I can say without a doubt, this Shat Nation Forum is amongst the best and most well thought out stuff you’ll read. It’s not garbage, it’s usually intelligent thoughts such as you’re thoughts you shared. Thanks for them

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