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I know it may be too late for this email, but I just want to write it down so that maybe I can get over the last episode of GOT.

To be honest, I am one of the fans that watched and liked most of the episodes. I didn’t get too much into the theories or get mad about things moving too fast or too slow, it’s just a show.

The biggest problem I have with the ending is that it’s not like GOT at all! I got into this show because it showed human imperfection and our resistance to change. The fact that men/women who are power hungry would do anything to get to power, and no amount of life lessons will change their pursuit of power (in this case, the Iron Throne). I liked the show because it gave most of the characters what they deserved. It was karma for better or for worse.

I understand that the writers wanted to end it on a peaceful note, maybe send a political message, but it’s not why most fans watched the show. Even a hint that the war for the throne is not over would be a great ending to the series. Seemingly everything is perfect, but there is someone already plotting to get back on the throne. This ending was just boring and the writing was horrible. The way Dany died was done so many times before, the jokes felt old and tired and the whole thing dragged on for an eternity… that’s why I do not appreciate the last episode.

Thanks for the podcast! I really enjoyed listening.


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  1. Kenny p says:

    I might be one of the very few who think the ending wasn’t peaceful at all. I understand what you’re saying, and I think the show stayed true to the main beats of what GRRM intended.

    Think of it like this, because I do.

    – All the talk and fuss about prophecy, s1-s7 and everyone thought it would be (more or less) Dany or Jon. Or possibly both right? For the entire series to that point we thought these 2 would serve as the ambassadors to the new and better Westeros. They have showed us time and time again that it’s these 2 or bust. We haven’t seen something like this done before though. The 2 most talked about people to lead are for lack of a better term just gone at a moment’s notice. It’s left to people like Bran, Sansa, Tyrion, Davos to decide what happens. Not Jon Not Dany. People who held no power until they had it.

    – Jon didn’t have a happy ending, it would be better for a man like himself to die, because he can’t live with himself for doing such things. He didn’t want to be alive when he was resurrected the first time. He hated himself for being semi responsible for killing his first love. He honestly will think about those things for the rest of his life. He knows he can’t have a child, because he’d be putting that child in immediate danger by being a Targaryen. No one got a happy ending. I know it felt that way, but seriously none of those people are without burden or serious weight.

    – we can feel good about those people in power, because all of them are a product of the cruel world. None of them seek to do more war. They realize that’s not the answer anymore. So at the very least there will be some calm from the storm of thrones. It’ll come back someday, but not anytime too soon.

    Bitter but sweet exactly as expressed by GRRM.

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