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Hi guys,

I noticed your pod took some heat last week, and your pod wasn’t the only one so you shouldn’t take it personal. I am absolutely convinced that we fans collectively went into some kind of shock when the Night King died. The fucker actually died. All of a sudden our theories wasn’t worth a damn, and we began to realize that this is actually the end.. And we’re in mourn. The first step in the mourning process is denial, which clearly is seen in all comments from fans who demanded the night king back. The second step is anger, which has been marked by all the aggressiveness that is directed at all the pods, people are angry at everything. I really hope we’ll be promised a GoT spin-off soon, otherwise we fans probably die inside!

But still, I can’t stop with my theories!

I think now after episode four Missandei have put the last nail in the coffin for Kings Landing. She has been Dany’s companion and advisory since season three, longer than Tyrion. As a last word she yelled out to Dany “Drakary’s”. Her last advice is crystal clear; Burn Them All!!! Dany doesn’t trust Jon, is sick of Tyrion’s failures and Vary’s constant whining. Missandei is the only one who hasn’t disappointed Dany. I have a feeling that Dany with Gray Worms support will fall into her father’s footsteps and burn down the capitol with throne and all. Balerion forged the iron throne, Drogon will melt it down. Nobody sits on the throne. So for the unpetted Ghost and the double chocolaty chip crème frappuccino Dany had during the feast; Burn Them All!

from Sweden

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