GOT Episode 5

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Hey Gene”Pol Pot” Lyons,

Good effort defending genocide but there’s no way Dany is coming back from this.

The episode has a 47 % on rotten tomatoes. The penultimate episode of the greatest tv show ever made is literally the worst rated episode of the entire series. People can defend this episode all they want but numbers don’t lie. This is bad tv.

Whether it’s inconsistency, or stupidity or indifference, or efficiency of time, I really don’t care. This is not a satisfying wrap-up. This show used to be a smart show and hard to criticize because the world was so fleshed out and even the most polarizing actions still made sense within the rules of the world. Now nothing is safe from criticism cause the quality of storytelling and attention to detail has deteriorated. The mute crews of Euron’s fleet were talking this episode, id overlooks this if the rest of the episode was working.

I wish I wasn’t hate watching this show, but that seems to be the only thing I can discuss cause subverting expectations leads to nothing mattering.

Thanks again for all great content, looking forward to shat the movies starting back up.

Eric B from Chicago

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2 Responses

  1. Gene Lyons says:

    “Numbers don’t lie”?

    The series finale for “American Gods” had a rating of 88% fresh. Go watch that and tell me it’s better than “The Bells.”

    • Kenny P. says:

      Those aren’t “numbers”. That’s a rating from an independent site. I urge you to look into the way they come up with the ratings. I think the best “numbers” to go by is that petition to redo the ending of the series. So far at the time of posting this, it’s at 675,000 strong. Modest number, however, around 18 million watched the episode. Give or take. The number of people requesting the redo, is about 6 or 7 percent. So at least 90 percent are at least ok enough with it. That’s a huge number of approval. Numbers don’t lie, but depending in the ones you use, they can help you or hurt you in the same argument.

      Also def watch American gods lol. Best show ever. No one requested a redo of that.

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