GOT Episode 5 Season 8

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Hey Guys,

First off, love your podcast! I know you both love the show and I am probably unlike most because I want to hear varied opinions. I am not afraid of contradictory viewpoints. I wish everyone could embrace varied takes on creative works. Alas, that is another topic for another day. Being honest is important to me. So please keep on doing that.

I want to let Dick know that he has my total 100% support in his view on the episode. I also had a really hard time processing this episode. We were made to feel like we were dodging bricks and fire as we ran through the streets of Kings Landing. How can I cheer on Dani when there is so much collateral damage? Believe me, I was so freaking happy that Drogon got to torch all those scorpions (why he was impervious this time? I’ll even let that fly) but it was stomach turning watching a surprising number of surviving Dothraki mowing down people in the streets.

No question, I’m still a fan of the show. I understand our expectations have a huge impact. I never assumed a happy ending. I just think rushing the show this season has hurt the storytelling.


Julie Rig

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