GOT Episode 5

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Hey guys!
So the Instacast isn’t even up yet, but I had to point out something that I think a lot of people complaining on social media are forgetting about. A lot of viewers are upset about Daenerys snapping and becoming like her father, despite always wanting to avoid being like him. Despite all the foreshadowing about Targaryens being inbred and her tendency to have to be told by advisors not to kill people or cruelly punish them or burn kings landing…Going even further back, her dragons, the thing that gave her power, a following, everything she has…were born when she set a living person on fire. She burned Mirri Maz Durr, the Maegi/Witch, on Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre alive and when the witch said she won’t hear her scream, Daenerys says “I will”. I feel pretty confident based on her comment when they poured the molten crown on her brothers head about him not being a real dragon because he could burn, that she knew if she walked into the fire she would walk out alive. Not so sure she knew she’d have dragon babies walk out with her but then again she did have the eggs put in the pyre as well. Her burning the witch alive for doing something that she asked her to do but didn’t like the outcome and enjoying her death by fire was just like her father. Even if the witch may have done some questionable things, Dany still asked her to save Drogo. It didn’t go her way even though they warned her it was a bad idea. The result was her dragons, power, and more fire. Essentially, from Danys first big moment in the show, she made a decision to do something, someone told her that’s a bad idea, she did it anyway, and then burned someone alive.

Also, I wonder if the double Ds intended on this falling on Mother’s Day?

I saved this email multiple times to fact check to try and prevent an “uhm, actually”. Love the show and the fact that it’s been one of the only GOT podcasts that gives this show the respect it deserves and doesn’t just bitch and moan about what they don’t like the whole time.


Rachel Shields
Davenport, Florida

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