GOT Ep5: The Bells – What’s All The Fuss About?

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Hi guys,

I recently started listening to the pod from the UK and love the chemistry you guys have. I produce a podcast too and so really appreciate the amount of work you guys put into all the shows and it’s really impressive!

Re: Episode 5: I can’t honestly understand what all the fuss is about with Danny going full-on psycho. Sure, it does seem that the pace in the last few seasons has become exponentially quicker for stories to move along, but she’s traveling on the path she’s been walking for a while now. And with her closest advisors all gone now, she’s got no one to keep her in check.

Though Drogon taking out the scorpions and fleet so easily did seem a bit much, to be fair.

I think there could quite easily be a few more seasons of the show and that would’ve allowed us to get to where Danny is at a more comfortable pace. But seems the showrunners needed to wrap things up and have had to go shorthand on a few things. Possibly so we can have all the spin-offs.

Keep up the great work guys.


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