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Hi There –

Love the GOT podcasts! I’m sure I’m a bit late on this submission for the small council Friday episode, but here goes –

I think there’s a way Dany can (somewhat) redeem herself and also have a tragic end that would be fitting with her arc and character. We learn early in the episode that Dany is pregnant, and before there’s any kind of denouement or widespread reckoning for what she did in “The Bells”, she tells Jon this, knowing he (most likely) would not harm or execute her if she’s carrying his child. She also has realized what she has done, feels genuine guilt and sorrow, knowing she became what she so feared. With all this in mind, Dany pivots the other way and offers the previously unthinkable – to abdicate her claim to the throne and offer to live in exile back in Essos. After a bit of negotiation, Jon agrees and secretly grants her clemency but orders her imprisoned in the meantime to sort out the chaos that’s been created and to plot the terms of her departure. As all this is about to come to fruition, Arya turns up from her white horse ride and kills Dany (and thus the unborn baby), not knowing about this arrangement or the child. When Jon learns this, he completely breaks down, refuses any overtures for the crown, and heads back to the north where he belongs. The crown then goes to Tyrion, as he was Dany’s hand at the time of her assassination and thus would be an “interim” King automatically. But….for how long?

This works on multiple levels –

It ties up the exchange between Dany and Jon where he is overtly skeptical of her stance that she can’t get pregnant again and she doesn’t really respond, which seemed like quite a foreshadowing to me.

It offers a chance for Dany to make good, albeit in a very unexpected way, on her claim that she’d never be Queen of the Ashes. While her pivot to the Mad Queen was, I think, a realistic outcome given her character, background, and some of her previous actions, she also clearly has demonstrated a moral compass and the ability to do the right thing. If the burning of KL represented the worst of her, offering to give up what she’s always wanted more than anything due to what has transpired might represent the best as well, which would all be in keeping with her character traits and arc.

It offers Arya the chance to fulfill Melisandre’s prophecy of shutting green eyes and to kill the one who appears to be the evilest of all. Arya’s been SO heroic and SO pitch perfect, I like the idea that she thinks she’s doing a noble thing, but it has tragic, unforeseen consequences for all involved, including learning that she inadvertently killed her future nephew.

Jon gets the tortured ending he seems to always believe his mopey self deserves, and a realistic excuse to finally reject the Kingship once and for all to do what he really wants – head back North and out of the limelight.

That kind of turned into a book, but I had fun thinking about it. Can’t wait to hear what you guys come up with for Friday’s episode!


Erik A

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