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Hey guys,

First I wanted to let Big D know (he sounded a little down this instacast), I look forward to the podcasts just as much as the episode itself. And once the episode ends, I can’t wait for instacast to be uploaded. So being the penultimate episode. It’s starting to hit me that my go-to podcast each week. Is coming to an end. And I want to thank you guys for it.

That being said, I too wasn’t sure how I felt. But I think we all knew Dani wasn’t gonna just stop at the bells. And there was a lot going on in this episode. And it did make it hard to choose whom to feel for. But the scene with Tyrion and Jamie when he went to set him free. That was top tier Game of Thrones right there. And Peter Dinklage absolutely crushed it with that goodbye to Jamie.

Anyways one episode and 5 podcasts left. Let’s enjoy the ride.

Devo in japan

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