GOT E8e05 – “The Bells”

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Hey guys,

I only started listening to the “On the Throne” podcast this season but it has quickly become one of my favorites and also led me to venture over to the “Shat the Movies” podcast. Thanks for all of the time and effort that you put into the podcasts because it sure makes my hour-long commute to and from work each day MUCH more bearable.

Anyway, some random thoughts I had regarding “The Bells”.

1) Varys has been one of my favorite characters since season one and although I was sad to see him go, I believe that his ending wasn’t really that unexpected. The foreshadowing was definitely there in last week’s episode during his conversation with Tyrion in the throne room at Dragon Stone. I’ve often wondered which side Varys was ultimately on and have enjoyed how the character was written with a lot of ambiguity. In the end, though, I believe that he honestly was looking out for the greater good and IMO died with dignity. However, what was the deal with taking off his rings? Did he just not want them to go to waste? Wondering if that was just a small detail or if it will have a greater impact that gets answered in the finale.

2) Dany. Oh boy, where to start. Be honest: does it make any sense for her character arc NOT to have her go full Mad Targaryen here at the end? Again…foreshadowing; it’s been there the entire series. I can somewhat sympathize with some viewers who MAY view the transformation as a little rushed this season but I think that some of that is due to the nature of having to wrap up such a huge story in only 6 episodes. I’d wager that much of the backlash is coming from parents who named their newborns “Daenerys” in the last 8 years or got a Dany quote tattoo and now feel remorseful now that she’s turned into a homicidal loon. All joking aside, after 7 seasons of twists, how is it that anyone is surprised by her turn? I’m predicting that #NotMyDany will become trending today.

3)The whole torching of King’s Landing was an awesome visual spectacle. I’m going to go back and rewatch to see if my original suspicion is accurate, but here is one thing that really stuck out to me: did you notice how after the bells rang out and Dany began lighting up the city that there were NO shots of her on top of Rhaegal or close-ups of her “steering” him. In this fashion, she literally becomes the dragon…not just a rider or pilot. Just about every shot we see is from the street view looking up as if we the viewers are one of the crowd & mixed up in all the chaos and all we see is the terror from above. Smashing the wheel and ending tyranny, eh? I guess that’s one way to do it.

Thanks again for all the hard work guys. It’s a great escape from the regular routine!

-Jacob Cody
Killen, Alabama

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