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Hi Shat Lords,

I’m seeing TONS of haters online griping at the fact that Daenerys has emerged as the Mad Queen. Of course, she has! look at what has happened to her in the last few episodes. I know you get a lot of mail so I’ll try and make this quick…

1. She just lost another one of her children.
2. She just watched her bestie get beheaded.
3. She is betrayed and basically dumped by whom she loves.
4. She realizes she is not loved in the north, which makes her question her whole identity and purpose.

Who wouldn’t go ape shit!? Sure it’s clear to see we are showing what could be three more seasons into six episodes, but to be shocked that Dany is hurt, angry, unstable, etc.. at this moment in her journey, is laughable. Somewhat terrible timing to have a meltdown at this point as she was so close to taking the throne without mass carnage, but people have their breaking points when a lot of shitty things happen to them in a short period of time.

Kathleen Baltimore, MD

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