GOT Dany Redeems Herself Breaks the Wheel and Ends Executions

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Hey Guys,

Dany has admitted mistakes before. What if she admits she had a bad day and has learned executions, in general, are the problem.

The very first episode begins with Ned Stark executing a man that may not really be guilty. (Later he is even told that the executed man had been a good crow). Many other executions, or near executions, are also unjustified- Tyrion is nearly executed twice for crimes he didn’t commit! Even Jon Snow has been ambiguous about executions.

Dany definitely engages in a lot of executions, including crucifying 163 masters without regard to their guilt or innocence. (Nowadays that would be a war crime). She later almost marries a man whose parents were murdered by her (he says they were anti-slavery all along and were therefore innocent). Later Dany executed the Tarlys, including the son, who was really just following his father.

Some of us who are against the death penalty think part of the problem is that killing a wrongdoer, as justified as it may be, degrades society and increases bloodlust.

My fantasy for the end- Dany says she is smashing the system of Kings and Queens (I e breaking the wheel) just like she smashed slavery. Further, after soul searching, she sees that after her slaughter of innocents, she is not fit to rule – and that bloodlines are a bad way to pick a leader anyway. She introduces democracy of some sort, ends executions, and flies away on Dragon to join Jon Snow in the north where they can live free of the intrigue. But Dany warns she will come back with her dragon and burn up anyone who tries to re-impose the monarchy!

Just a thought,
George the Dragonslayer
(PS – see the statue of George the Dragonslayer outside the UN where the knight is killing a dragon made of missiles – a representation of a nuclear missile (grrm says dragons are nukes)

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