GOT – Danny Blew Her Chance Big Time!

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Hi guys,

I just watched the show and I don’t know how I feel right now! Danerys, in dismay, said she was not loved in Westeros and so she needs to induce fear to rule over Westeros. She could have earned people’s love and respect by taking the city in a poof, with zero civilian casualties and by sparing the lives of the Lannister soldiers. Let’s not forget that she brought the biggest army ever to fight off the dead alongside the Northerners and eventually saved the realms of men. She could be a greater hero than Jon would ever be. But instead, she burned her chance away with dragon fire! She can’t go back from this. She’s done. Also, did we wait 8 seasons to see Cersei die like that? I mean, just like that ?? In the arms of the one he loves? I think this was too easy for her. I have a gut feeling that this was not the last time we see Cersei – hopefully.

Anyways, love the pod. It is the first thing I jump to after watching the show. Big D, Gene, ???? ?? ??? (It’s in Persian)

Reza from Iran

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