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Hey guys,

Love the podcast! Thanks for driving with me to and from work all week to help me process this show. 🙂

Overall, I have enjoyed watching this season, but I don’t think the storyline was complicated enough (some of the fan theories were better than what actually happened) and it felt a bit choppy. No show is going to please everyone, but this show brags about being unlike any show out there and this season has looked very much like a “typical show” as far as twists and plotline goes. My hat is definitely off to the effects, stunt, and set designers/builders. Visually it has been incredible and I very much appreciate all the hard work that went into this season on that end.

I have come across many, what was the point of that? moments during this season, but this is driving me crazy right now. What point is there to the whole Bronn sub-plot? He made a deal with Cersei and she is dead. He threatened and made a deal with Tyrion/Jamie, but now Jamie is dead and Tyrion could probably care less about what he promised Bronn at this point. Am I missing something? I don’t see how or why they would wrap that up in the last episode and bring him back in, so I don’t know why they wasted time on that part of the story.

Thanks again for all your work! It is helpful to go through this as a community. 🙂 Jen F.

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    We had one solid theory on the Small Council that proposed Bronn might play a role in killing Daenerys. Basically, Dany would try to kill Tyrion, and Bronn would kill her with the crossbow because Tyrion is the key to Bronn getting Highgarden.

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