GOT – Arya’s Perfect Career Move

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Guys – one of the things (and sadly there were many) that seemed a little out of place for the finale of GOT was the postscript of Arya the Explorer.

There existed in medieval Ireland a role called “Aire échta” (pronounced AIR ACT TA). In the common tongue this means “Lord of Blood Vengence”.

An 8th-century law-text outlining the status of various kinds of people in Irish society have details on the role. Per the text (a copy is attached) the role worked as follows:

GOT - Arya's Perfect Career MoveDisputes occurring between two kingdoms which had a cairde “treaty” (or more precisely, “a legal protocol for handling disputes between kingdoms”) normally would be settled by means of “sureties”, or legal representatives acting on behalf of the victim’s and offender’s kindreds. They would ensure that compensation was paid across a kingdom’s border for an offence. However, when this system did not work as intended, and the offender and his kindred did not offer to pay compensation for a murder committed across a territorial border within a month’s time, the aire échta could gather five people from the victim’s close kindred (brothers, father, uncles, or cousins) and cross into the offender’s kingdom to avenge this murder.

Now who you think in Westeros has the skills to be perfect for this role – non other than our fair lady Ayra.

Tom from Chicago.

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