GOT 806 – A Dragon’s Love & the Queen In the North

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Hey guys,

I have two things I’d like to comment on from this week’s finale and your deep dive episode:

1. Gene, I’m so glad you talked about Drogon’s development as more than an animal on this show, but a character. I’ve seen a lot of people on Twitter saying it’s ridiculous that a dragon would understand the physical metaphor that is the Iron Throne, but this series has been showing us from very early on that the dragons’ connection to Daenerys is similar to that of the direwolves to the Stark children in the books; I’d even argue that it is a much deeper connection even than that, because though the direwolves are loyal to the Starks, they live independent lives from their human counterparts. Dany’s dragons have been with her since birth (except Drogon’s excursion of self-discovery) – she truly is their mother, and not in a crazy cat lady way. Additionally, Dany’s bond with Drogon is the deepest, as he is the one she rides. There’s a reason that Jon was thrown from Rhagal in the Long Night episode – yes, Jon is new to riding Dragons, but his bond with Rhagal is based only on blood, whereas Dany and Drogon’s has been forged from Drogon’s birth. Considering this transcendent connection, I was not at all surprised to see Drogon obliterate the Iron Throne, and it was one of the many times I cried during the episode.

2. Another tearful moment for me was Sansa’s coronation – WOW. As a woman, this scene meant so much for me to see unfold. Though we have seen many strong female characters on this show, they are often viewed as legitimate rulers for reasons that go beyond their genuine abilities to rule or an established people group rallying behind them. Dany has dragons and a very strong military, and much of her base of followers are former slaves with little options for where to go. Cersei rules through fear, and many of her decisions are questioned constantly by the men around her. Tywin even wanted her to marry Ser Loras, minimizing her value as only significant in service or marriage to a king. I remember seeing the Northmen chant “the King in the North” for Robb and Jon, thinking to myself “I wonder if these strong, stubborn men of the North would ever support a queen.” So finally seeing the North, full of mountain men types who respond to strength over everything, chant “the Queen in the North!” made me sit up in my bed clinging to my pillow, crying. It was similar to how I felt watching the most recent Wonder Woman movie when she runs out into no-man’s land and takes the fire, which rallies the men behind her to action. It’s something we’re starting to see more in television and movies, and I’m beyond thankful to be alive during a time when I can see a woman on screen, inspiring women and men alike.

Thank you both for this podcast – I have loved listening throughout this season!

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Meant to mention that it’s significant that the North responds in this way to Sansa because her value is not due to magical forces, fear, or her marriage to a man – her value is in her commitment to the Northern people and her strength in serving and ruling them.

Seven blessings,

Mother of Pitbulls & Queen in the South
Helen (from Georgia)

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