GOT 8-5 Too Rushed

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Hey Guys,

I’d like to say first that I enjoy your podcast and wish I had stumbled across y’all the entire series. All season I’ve been trying to go with the strange abrupt changes and writing choices hoping they had a spectacular ending, but this episode just made me think NOPE. Firstly-

The amount of time spent following Aria around a battle, again, should have been spent elsewhere. Yes, her whole arc has been the badass warrior coming to life but we could’ve gotten another perspective from another main character here. Especially since she neither fought nor did anything interesting except get people killed. While I appreciate the beauty of the silver stallion at the end, I just kept waiting for that to get on with it; which to be honest is how I felt the majority of this episode. I’d love your take on why they seem to be flipping character arcs suddenly; is it just to be quick about it? Example Jamie becoming a better man only to end up saying all the bad shit we’ve done, Cersi, doesn’t matter now because it’s always been about us? And, Aria giving up seasons of hatred with one goodbye speech from the Hound? But the greatest is the “breaker of chains” becoming the killer of people because she is somehow no longer fighting for the throne, but seems to be fighting against everyone. She’s the same person who chose to postpone her taking the throne to save millions from white walkers, but now she kills them all? It just happened way too fast. Yes, we’ve seen madness coming but really only in the last couple of episodes.

I love your opinions even when I disagree!

Kelly B.

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