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Great podcast, I just wish I would have found you guys earlier! There has been so much said about the finale and the last 2 seasons. I love the show even though I thought, like LOST, I thought the last two seasons were weak.

I know this probably wasn’t an option but if D&D wasn’t up to it for 7&8 then they should have asked for help, or even left. I”ll always be aggravated with them for not making 2 full seasons of 7&8. It was a disservice to the story and to the fans.


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4 Responses

  1. Kenny P says:

    If you think it wasn’t an option for D&D/HBO why would you hold it against them?

    I’m not trying to counter, I just want to know the thinking behind this, if it is what it is, and couldn’t be avoided largely, then it’s no one’s fault basically. So why be angry about it, because I feel like it couldn’t be avoided, it was a victim of circumstances, I’m not disappointed or angry in any way. It just is what it is.

    I just wonder why, people get so mad at someone for a thing that’s out of anyone’s control. I saw S7 and immediately i knew it was a case where they didn’t have time to fit all in.

    This is a much different medium than a book, if they get through S7 and realize that they need more time, they don’t have that option. Contracts, budgets, etc.

    let me reiterate the idea, that SOMETHING OF THIS SCALE HAS NEVER BEEN EVEN ATTEMPTED BEFORE…. no one including D&D had any idea how long they actually needed to “do it right”. It’s not that simple, they have contractual obligations, it needs to be decided well in advance to secure all the personnel. It’s unrealistic to think they had a blank slate and an unlimited amount of time. They def didn’t have that. When something hadn’t been done before, there’s nothing to compare it to for reference. It’s a shot in the dark, they were wrong, oh well. I think 2 regular sized seasons would still be too little time. At least 1 additional season on top of that. It’s beyond a small fix. So I don’t think anything they could have realistically done would have solved it

  2. Gene Lyons says:

    The more distance I have between me and the ending, the more I start to think viewers who blame D&D for this ending are right.

    My current view is: They made an incredible show, and I’m eternally grateful. They did not stick the landing, and I’m disappointed but not angry.

    • Kenny p says:

      Gene exactly this, if they decided prior to S8 they needed more time to unravel this, could that have realistically been done? I just don’t think it was possible once the proverbial ship was sailed. I’m just a guy, but I imagine the contacts for all involved prevented anything like that from happening. I think it was done largely condensed and it’s pretty obvious to anyone watching it. I think it was obvious to D&D too when you look at some decisions they made to cut certain things from S8. Idk I’m very much divided into things I think they deserve blame for and just the business itself. If they could have solved it with a couple more episodes I’d be pissed. I think they needed at least 9 full seasons. I can’t see any solution with the time they had to make it that much better. I’m very conflicted though about it, I want to be fair to everyone who works for the show, because they have written plenty of things on the show that I cheered for this season. And from film standards everything was A+ except a water bottle and a cup. I mean that happens when you don’t let anyone watch it prior to release I guess. Idk

      • Kenny p says:

        And for the record my view is that there’s plenty of support from the prior seasons to defend the character acts of S8. Did they need to do more, maybe? But I could see every single thing that a character did in past seasons.

        Was S8 up to par as it were? No. Definitely not, it EA’s a different show, but so was S7. I never invested in the Night King like some and wasn’t really all disappointed in that. They paid off a ton of things, and this show was just so big in scale that any short cuts were going to be noticeable. But S7 was noticeable as well.

        I enjoyed parts and other parts were meh, I always want more from things I love though. I think it says something that they went out leaving people wanting more rather than going too long and wanting less ie. Walking Dead comes to mind. I love that HBO decided or someone in the corporate decided to leave GOT as is, and develop a new way into the same world with the prequels. I am very happy they at the very least tried and put effort into this like a send off, it felt fsn service to an extent, and largely I think that’s fine. The stuff they bungled wasn’t that terrible of mistakes compared to most things.

        It’s just a weird thing, I’ve never loved a show this much though where I just like seeing the characters.

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