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Hey Guys,

To clarify, I believe the door ends up being on William’s secret building project, likely a lab. Not sure if you read my email last week. But, I believe the reason why William “must find the door,” is because once he does, he will granted Ford’s ultimate cheat code, God mode. I believe Ford somehow, coded the door to make William look like Ford to the hosts, once he passes back through it. Ergo, only conscious hosts, we be able to harm him.

-Wes D

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2 Responses

  1. pongplpf says:

    Are they? Check out my belief about Ford’s final narrative. If one follows my line of thinking in this regard, one may come to the conclusion that, William and Ford are not philosophically opposed on the hosts.

    -Wes D.

  2. Gene Lyons says:

    Why would Ford give William such a powerful weapon? The two of them are philosophically opposed on hosts.

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