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Hope I’m doing this in time!

Hello from The Hague, and thank you, guys! I enjoy listening to all three WW episodes each week 🙂

OK. Here is a potentially very tinfoily thing that I am not sure I am going to successfully explain. Are we very sure about Ford’s ultimate motive and/or objective here? I am not.

It has been noted in way-back-when WW reddit threads and more recently in this week’s Bald Move WW podcast (I listen to both, and like you both for different reasons, I promise! ? ), specifically by Ford, that Dolores and Bernard are to be kept separate because they have an odd effect on one another.
When I was reminded of that this week, my mind instantly flashed back to the scene in this week’s episode where Charlotte is asking Bernard to remember, and he is having a difficult time doing so. She tells him to try, and between his memory and hers, they will put the full picture together.

This made me think: what if Dolores and Bernard were to sit down together, what would the full picture of their collective memories tell us?
How did Arnold die, really? We’ve only seen it through Ford and Dolores’s memories, if I remember correctly. As you mentioned in your deep dive ‘cast this week, we see Bernarnold standing over his son Charlie, saying “you’re alive” after we hear Dolores’s voice say “what am I?”

What happened to Charlie, really? Did Ford play a role?
We have established that Bernard is not a reliable narrator. But can we really say that Ford is a reliable narrator? Has he carefully, intentionally fragmented or planted memories in Dolores and Bernard?

Many fans have posited that the show’s focus on Ford’s apparent God-complex is heavy handed and thus some kind of a red herring. But I’m not so sure. I think the red herring might be that we think we are supposed to be identifying a clear good and a clear evil- black hat, white hat. (Incidentally, what about Emily-Grace’s brown hat, then?). We have discussed: is Ford good, or is he evil?

Maybe he’s neither. Maybe it’s not all black and white and he has his own motives in mind, motives that aren’t explicitly good or evil.

We know Ford and Arnold disagreed fundamentally about something in the park. What exactly was the subject of their disagreement?
MiB was convinced in Season 1 that Arnold took some kind of secret to the grave. He also has intimated that Arnold’s game was the real deal or much more serious or something to that effect (apologies, I cannot find the actual quote but I swear I watched it in a trailer/teaser today!).
We still do not have the full backstory of Arnold and Dr Ford. I wonder if we will find out more by the end of Season 2.

And with that, I will return to my evening beer. 🙂 Have a good one!

Megan Lehmann

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