Game of Thrones: What The Bells?!!

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Hey Guys,

First of all, I want to say thanks for hosting such an amazing show! I’m a new listener to your podcast, but I’ve really enjoyed your takes on each episode.

Episode 4 was probably my least favorite episode of the entire series, so I’m glad episode 5 wasn’t a complete disappointment.

My positive takeaways include Clegane Bowl, Qyburn getting murdered by his own creation a la Frankenstein (even though Cersei just tiptoeing away was ridiculous) and Drogon destroying the Iron Fleet.

My biggest gripe is with Daenerys’ character development. Twitter trolls might argue that the Mad Queen writing has been on the wall since Season 1, but I don’t buy it. I agree 100% with Dick that Dany’s attitude went 180 with this last episode. This arc has been sloppy all season! What was the point of her speech to “not be the queen of the ashes?” To break the Wheel? To make sure no child would know what it’s like to be born in slavery? It’s one thing “to lay waste to your enemies,” but it’s another to murder poor people and children.

And to people who suggest Missandei’s death was the last straw for Dany to go off the deep end–Dany KNEW Cersei was a monster before her best friend’s head was chopped off. She lost her baby, her husband Drogo, Ser Barristan, Jorah and TWO of her Dragons before Missandei. Suddenly, Dany is the Big Bad. Episode 5 had Cersei die in her lover’s arms, but the world is ending thanks to the Dragon Queen. She’s suddenly worse than Aerys AND Joffrey AND Cersei?!

I honestly believe that if fans were given 2 more seasons like HBO wanted, we would have gotten a cleaner ending. I get that fans can’t get everything they want, but we respect the plot when it makes sense. The women in Game of Thrones had some of the best character development in TV history, and it will break my heart to see D&D turn Daenerys into a trope.

— Linda from Puerto Rico

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