Game of Thrones Season 7 Preview

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4 Responses

  1. Jamie Bell says:

    Some feedback show name suggestions, connected to the toilet/poo theme, and also connected to “Ravens in the Rookery” where Maesters send messages between cities via Ravens:
    Droppings for Clegane’s Bowl
    Ravens Deposit
    Prayers to the many Feces God
    Rookery Cistern
    Raven Floaters
    The Ravens Caca Call
    Iron Throne Flush
    The Royal Flush
    Feedback from the Feces-less man
    Hall of feces

    PS: I’m not a big fan of the Summer Children intro, but it doesn’t matter very much. We listen for the content quality 😀.

  2. notastark says:

    *Whispers in the long night

  3. notastark says:

    *Penthouse letters from Craster’s Keep

  4. notastark says:

    *post it notes from the hall of faces

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