Game of Thrones S8 Ep5

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Hey Guys,

First, I want to say I love the podcast. Started listening to this season and now I eagerly await my morning drives to work when I can listen in to hear your takes.

You might get to this on the deep dive but it’s been bothering me because I can’t make sense of it. Why in God’s name did Dany torch all of King’s landing? Cersei and Qyburn look on from the Red Keep while most of King’s Landing is still intact and they say there are no more scorpions. If that’s true, couldn’t Dany have gone straight to the Red Keep and crushed it in a few passes while sparing the rest of the people?

At first, I thought maybe she didn’t know all the scorpions were gone, but that doesn’t make sense since she clearly grids the city and isn’t looking for soldiers or weapons, she’s just burning everybody she sees. It’s one thing for her to accept crossfire civilian casualties, another to just torch people for the hell of it. That decision is what really made her the mad queen in my eyes #BurnThemAll.

Curious for your thoughts,

Thanks and keep up the awesome work!


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