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Hello Shat Hosts,

One of my favorite parts of the Season Premiere was the changed title sequence – the different camera angle, low to the ground. Winter coming from the fallen Wall. Going inside the buildings – all awesome. But hands down, one of my favorite small details was the change in the depictions on the “rings” that circle around the sun. I’ve attached pictures for reference.

Those rings, for the past 7 seasons have shown three different tapestries. The first is the Doom of Valyria – you can see a volcano erupting and a dragon crying out in pain. This was the fiery apocalypse that destroyed the Valyrian Empire and all dragon lords (except the Targaryens – who left the Empire for Westeros years prior to the Doom). The second ring shows Robert’s Rebellion, with a Stag, a Lion, and a Direwolf attacking a Dragon – this of course symbolizes the Baratheons, Lannisters, and Starks taking down the Mad King and the Targaryen dynasty. The third ring shows a Crowned Stag standing proud, as Lion, Wolf, Falcon, Kraken, Bear, and others bow before it – Robert is King.

This episode had three VERY different tapestries. The first appears to be the Night King and Viserion destroying the Wall. The Dragon looks skeletal, there are lines of men just standing under it, and winds are swirling around it. The second ring is a tableau of the downfall of Houses Stark and Tully. In the dead center you see a Direwolf hanging from a noose with arrows sticking out of him in the archway between two towers – this clearly represents the Red Wedding and Robb’s death at the Twins. On the far left you see a Lion eating a Fish from the stream – Lannister has effectively destroyed House Tully with its lord and keep taken by Jaimie. On the far right, you see a man holding up the head of a Direwolf with a dagger in his hand – we’re dealing with Sigils here, and while “beheaded wolf” clearly evokes Ned Stark, the man with the knife is clearly a Flayed Man. This represents House Bolton and Ramsay’s murder of Rickon – remember, they beheaded Shaggydog. Finally, the third ring shows four dragons – one big, three small – as a comet streaks through the sky. The simplest interpretation is that this shows the rise of Dany and her three dragons – the comet was from Season 2 and was interpreted by some to mean the rise of dragons, others to mean the coming Azor Ahai or the Prince that was Promised.

I think the attention to detail here is stunning – and perhaps that’s about all we should take from this. It’s a cool difference for the final season. You could get a little tinfoil-y – I have a larger argument that Jon Snow becomes the Night King and that Ring 3 of the New Intro actually depicts this – but I’ll save that for another day, if there’s interest.


Ken L.

P.S. Expect and incoming voicemail on why Dany is not fit to rule.

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