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Hi guys,

I’ve been following you guys since Westworld beginning of season 2. I wanted to share with you my wife’s theory on this season as well as ask a few questions. My wife believes that every scene where we cut away from Brand talking to a character he gave each one of them their specific part to play in his plan to become king. And as far as my questions.

1. What the hell happened to that horse that Arya rode out on to LEAVE King’s Landing?

2. how did the dragon know to burn the throne instead of Jon? Perhaps we may have been able to see him survive fire, you know since he’s part Targaryen!

3. They kept Jon and Tyrion alive for 3 weeks! 3 EFFING WEEKS!!!

4. Bran!?!?! I don’t want it, Bran? The I can’t be a lord of Winterfell Bran? The no longer Bran Stark I’m something else Bran? BRAN! B-R-A-N!

5. SO as I understand, part of season 7 and all of season 8 Tyrion was just a f****** idiot until the very last episode where they remember he’s a wise man?

6. What is the respawn rate for the Unsullied and the Dothraki? Because on the “after the episode” of episode 3, I clearly heard that all the Dothraki were wiped out and also that she was down to half of the Unsullied.

7. Didn’t Varys send out some Ravens letting people know about Jon’s heritage? Before he was executed.

8. So we set up Cersei with her prophecy but only fulfill two out of three of the prophecies?

There are a few more questions but these are the major ones that really bothered me. I want to thank you guys for the podcast that you provide. I stay up all morning to catch your initial reactions to the episodes. (they usually post around 3 a.m. for me) I’m definitely looking forward to going through the next season of Westworld with you guys and because you recommended I will check out True Detective. Thanks for allowing me to go through this journey with you guys it’s always fun. By the way, I’ve included a couple of memes that you guys were probably like.

Thanks again,
Rico from Atlanta Georgia

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