Game of Thrones Episode 6 Review: “Beyond the Wall”

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4 Responses

  1. tez says:

    Just wanted to say: now that we have a dragon missing, the 3 riders theory including Tyrion is probably out the window. More evidence for my dark guess that Tyrion’s gonna die this season? Well, I mean next episode.
    Where they’ll be taking the wight to King’s Landing to meet Cersei. (!?)
    The trailer also shows Tyrion will be there.
    Aww, man! 🙁

  2. Jesse says:

    Arya was pushing Sansa to see where she stood, but now they.are.working to expose Petyr. “I have work to do” almost seems like a code word phrase.
    I am getting g sick of Deus ex Dracaris.

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