Game Of Thrones Episode 4

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Hey guys,

First time writing in as I am new to your podcast (and podcasts all together). I’ve apparently been living under a rock. I’ve been catching up! I wanted to give my reaction to episode 4.

First, WTF Jon! How do you not even pat Ghost on the head to show your appreciation. This wolf has saved his ass multiple times and literally ran into a sea of dead to do his part. I was honestly devastated listening to Ghost whimper. Ghost is a bigger hero than Sam so in my opinion, Ghost deserved the long embrace, not Sam.

I think the group totally underestimated Euron Greyjoy and Cersei’s ability to predict their plan of action. The death of Rhaegal was totally preventable had they listened to Sansa. Sansa tried to say that the troops need rest. This time would have also helped them better strategize their plan of attach on King’s Landing. However, my opinion aside, I think this all leads up to making Dany’s true impulsive actions emerge. Without the attack, Missandei would not have been captured. Her death is going to ignite the fire- literally and figurately. Dany is going to try to torch Kings Landing. I think Tyrion will turn on Dany when he realizes she is actually going to burn the city. I think he is holding on to this desire for her to be who he wants her to be. However, she is pissed and going to make rash decisions which may be her downfall and the last dragons. Thus finally giving Jon the balls to step up and be the king be was born to be.

I also wanted to touch on the women of this episode. The woman have all evolved to be bad-asses who run circles around men. However, in this episode we see Brienne of Tarth break down and cry over POS Jamie Lannister (Do the right thing Jamie- go kill your sister). We see Dany beg Jon to keep this secret and respond with rage (as seen on her face) when Missandei dies. Dany is very reactive and doesn’t listen to advisors. I get it, a dude dumps you and your best friend dies. However, this is Game of Thrones. I want to see Brienne kick Jamie in the balls and Dany act the queen the realm deserves. Sansa has emerged to be a smart and fearless leader. She knew exactly what she was doing by telling Tyrion about Jon. Arya did the right thing by turning down Gendry. She’s not a lady, she’s a war hero and her quest is not over. I would love to see her kill Cersei by using Jamie’s face- thus fulfilling the prophecy of Cersei’s brother killing her but it’s ya #1 girl Arya fulfilling her “green eyes” prophecy. MIND WOULD BE BLOWN!

Starbucks cup aside, I think this was an important episode as it sets up the fight against Cersei. Let’s also all take a second to appreciate the masterful character Cersei is! Our favorite tv bitch to hate! The show would not be the same without her.

However this series ends, it will be epic and have us all crying. May not be tears of joy but one thing for sure, we will all be talking about it for years to come.

Love your opinions and theories. Keep up the great work.

Allison from NJ

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