Game of Thrones Episode 3 Instant Take: “The Queens Justice”

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4 Responses

  1. Jammie is alive and wet.
    I don’t believe television writers would be that uncreative to elimate an import character like Jammie is such a lame way.
    If they wanted to meet his demise They had the opportunity to use dragon breath.
    But they didn’t so he’s alive.
    I see most of the deaths occurring at the wall before the seasons over .

  2. Czechmatte says:

    I laughed to myself when I realized ‘that Tyrrion has been planning to fight C, who is the type of person to not give an inch for personal reasons, when he is actually fighting J’ but yeah he should have known and little finger WOULD be a better choice at this point. varys was not surprised when M admitted that she had been arrogant, which I thought was odd as V is a thinking man, that said, he/she does have every reason to hate the 🔥 worshipers (that’s where is balls are;P
    I thought the opening scene was an awkward affair intentionally, but it was bothersome to have J not be diplomatic in the slightest after convincing S the way he did??? It will all work out as J&D will be sitting in a tree (or on 🐉’s ) k-i-s-s-(you get it) soon enough and probably slay’n some shit hand-in-hand–awesome! Um BTW they might be brother and sister as R Big-R was notorious for getting “around” the 7 kings’wives um I meant kindoms–yeah he got around–certainly not the Mad King, he just went mad and got hot under the collar, okay bad puns aside; the opening was not my favorite, but I’m glad I didn’t have to wait until episode 4 to see an extended D&J or is it J&D?

  3. Anne says:

    Great insights as always. I thought that Sir Davos was just making chit chat at the beach at Dragonstone as it felt very tense…did wonder at Jon not asking Queen D to borrow her Dragons as their fire would burn the walkers to a crisp…I agree Sam is amazing and has a new career as a dermatologist and possibly will end up to be the scribe who has penned GOT based on all those vellum rolls he must copy… why was Varys so hard on Melisandra was he worried she might see through him, is he up to no good (does he not have spys to tell him what C’s military plans are thus giving D an advantage?!) Think Danny would be better taking military advice from Little Finger as Tyrion’s plans are not working why did he think taking Castlery Rock was so necessary?! I agree with Big D watching your child suffer etc is far more horrific than a quick head crunch kind of death. Bran did a poor job of explaining what the Three Eyed Raven does to Sansa and I thought he seemed odder than usual 🤔 Bet you are relieved to see Bron back (excuse sp) Look forward to your next discussion on GOT 😊

    • Gene Lyons says:

      Thanks! Big D. has a stellar theory on why Varys is so hostile toward Mel. Check out Tuesday’s Deep Dive to hear it.

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