Game of Thrones Episode 2 Theories: “A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms”

Game of Thrones Episode 2 Theories: "A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms"
Game of Thrones Episode 2 Theories: "A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms"

Game of Thrones Episode 2 Theories: “A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms”

“A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms” touched our hearts and inspired listener mail about Winterfell’s crypts, Daenerys’ ability to lead, “Jenny of Oldstones” lyrics, Cersei’s pregnancy, Brienne’s knighting, and Bran’s greensight.

But mostly, y’all just wanted to talk about Arya’s sex scene.

This expanded edition of the Small Council listener mail pod packs more than double the email and voicemail we received after Game of Thrones’ Season 8 debut. Plus, you might even hear the voice of the Night King for the first time.

Listener mail also covers Arya’s weapon, Sansa’s wisdom, HBO’s reluctance to kill major characters, and a pronunciation lesson from Gene Lyons and the late Roy Dotrice.

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Storyline for Episode 2: “A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms”
Jaime reveals Cersei’s deception to the Targaryen””Stark alliance and, despite Daenerys’s and Sansa’s mistrust, joins their forces after Brienne defends his loyalty. Jaime later apologizes to Bran for crippling him, with Bran stating he is not angry, and they are no longer the same people. Tyrion loses Daenerys’ favor for believing Cersei, prompting Jorah to ask her to forgive his mistakes. Citing their mutual love for Jon, Daenerys tries and fails to gain Sansa’s trust after refusing to give any assurances about the North’s fate. Theon, Edd, Tormund, and Beric arrive at Winterfell, with the latter three reporting House Umber’s fall. Bran proposes that he lure out the Night King, who intends to destroy the Three-Eyed Raven. His plan is reluctantly approved, with Theon and the Ironborn offering protection. Gendry finishes a special weapon for Arya, who then seduces him. Tyrion, Jaime, Davos, Brienne, Podrick, and Tormund gather for a drink, during which Jaime formally knights Brienne. Jorah fails to dissuade Lyanna Mormont from fighting, and he receives House Tarly’s ancestral sword as a gift from Sam. As the Army of the Dead approaches, Daenerys finds Jon at Lyanna Stark’s tomb and learns about his Targaryen lineage and claim to the Iron Throne.

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2 Responses

  1. HB says:

    I was unable to get this in before this weeks Small Council podcast, but everyone keeps talking about when Melisandre will make an appearance this year (and hopefully with the Army of Light). What if she has already made an appearance and is already in play. So in episode 2 we saw The Onion Knight giving soup out to the Northern refugees. And the scene focuses on a small girl with a “burn mark” on her face and the interaction between Davos and the small girl. What if the small girl is Melisandre in disguise (we know she can take different forms). And so the crypts may play an important roll next episode in the form of Melisandre saving those in the crypt from the Army of the Dead.

    Just a thought..and most likely way off base…but its always fun to speculate just to see how wrong you can be.

    HB (Tampa Florida)

    • Gene Lyons says:

      I totally had the same thought! Turns out they’re not one and the same, but man did Melissandre make an appearance!

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