Game of Thrones Episode 1 Instant Take: “Dragonstone”

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6 Responses

  1. Sam in Birmingham AL says:

    Love y’all!! So pumped about season 7 GOT!
    Things I hope you’ll discuss about Ep1:
    • will we see Hodor at some point in the army of the dead ?
    • will we see a dire wolf in the army of the dead and when will Nimerya (so?) come back into the picture?
    • who do you predict Arya will kill to take their face to kill (try to kill) Cersei?
    • what trophy does Euron hope to bring back to Cersei? A dragon- dead? Alive? Or maybe Tyrion??

    • Gene Lyons says:

      Hodor never was burned, so makes sense that he would be a Wight. No Wight left behind, right?

      I predict Dire Wolves will play a big role this season, but please God no zombie wolves.

      Will Arya even make it to Cersei? That’s a long road with plenty of twists ahead.

      Euron might be going for a certain horn, but the Night King might already have it.

  2. Nancy Kaye says:

    Thanks for the first comments on episode one…you guys are great as always. One question… why wasn’t a raven immediately sent to John and Sansa at Winterfell when Bran showed up at the Wall? Maybe you have some ideas on this. Will be listening tomorrow.

    • Gene Lyons says:

      Great question! Chronology on episodes isn’t always exact, so perhaps all these events are happening on the same day. Therefore, the raven hasn’t arrived.

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