Game of Thrones Episode 1 Dragonstone

Season 7 Episode 1 Instant Take

Game of Thrones Episode 1 Dragonstone Instant Take

Game of Thrones’ Episode 7 premiere united our favorite characters and brought some lesser-knowns to the spotlight. We got one last chance to hate Walder Frey, one fresh chance to cringe at Ed Sheeran, and we learned to cheer for Euron Greyjoy (and his two good hands).

Listen to this quick-take Instacast and prepare for Tuesday Game of Thrones Deep Dive.

Also, holy crap, white walker giants.

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Theme Song – Interloper by Kevin MacLeod

Check out this episode!

5 thoughts on “Season 7 Episode 1 Instant Take”

  1. Love y’all!! So pumped about season 7 GOT!
    Things I hope you’ll discuss about Ep1:
    • will we see Hodor at some point in the army of the dead ?
    • will we see a dire wolf in the army of the dead and when will Nimerya (so?) come back into the picture?
    • who do you predict Arya will kill to take their face to kill (try to kill) Cersei?
    • what trophy does Euron hope to bring back to Cersei? A dragon- dead? Alive? Or maybe Tyrion??

    1. Hodor never was burned, so makes sense that he would be a Wight. No Wight left behind, right?

      I predict Dire Wolves will play a big role this season, but please God no zombie wolves.

      Will Arya even make it to Cersei? That’s a long road with plenty of twists ahead.

      Euron might be going for a certain horn, but the Night King might already have it.

  2. Thanks for the first comments on episode one…you guys are great as always. One question… why wasn’t a raven immediately sent to John and Sansa at Winterfell when Bran showed up at the Wall? Maybe you have some ideas on this. Will be listening tomorrow.

    1. Great question! Chronology on episodes isn’t always exact, so perhaps all these events are happening on the same day. Therefore, the raven hasn’t arrived.

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