Game of Thrones.. Could It Be… Poison???

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Hey guys:

I’m a LONG time listener but this might be the first time I actually send in one of the many emails I have drafted (your audience is war too intimidating.) Anyway… I didn’t catch this at first, but what did Varys truly do that warranted becoming a pile of ash that Jon, Sansa, and Tyrian didn’t also do?
Danny already believes a person who tells the “secret” is a betrayer so why not bbq the other secret tellers listed above. She even said that Jon betrayed her by telling his sisters… So could Varys’s crime really be spreading the secret further? I think not. I think the betrayal Tyrian told Danny about was that Varys was trying to poison Danny.

Here are the subtle clues we were given.

1. Varys meets with the kitchen girl, one of his little birds who clearly tells him that “she’s not eating.”

2. The girl then tells Varys that she is “being watched,” was this a clue about the food?

Perhaps Varys tried to poison Danny and got caught. I mean what else did he do? Yes, he drafted some letters but whom was he writing to? and did he even send the letters before he was busted?

Finally, look back to what he told Tyrian on the beach before he died. He said that he hoped he was wrong. Did he mean that he hoped to try to poison the mad queen and failing was wrong and that she really was worth following? This just makes sense. Otherwise, Jon and Tyrian would have been roasted right along with Varys. The saddest part was that he was right all along. She was the mad queen after all. I’ll miss your amazing analysis and pod. Know your hard work has been noted and appreciates. Any tears this week?

Have a great day,
Nicky G.

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