From Coach Markus: GOT Episode 8-5

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Fellas & The Nurse,

I am speechless on the penultimate episode of GoT. I guess any show that can bring out so many emotions is a good show. I am surprised, pissed, satisfied, shellshocked and happy all at the same time. Not the best episode (Hardholme IMO) but still very…….unexpected.

I’m surprised, that they took the abrupt left turn is some of the character development (Danaerys). They went from hints to full-on “Mad Queen” very quickly. Even though it happened very quickly, I think it was justified. * I’m pissed, that no one kills Cercei! I didn’t like that they gave the villain of the show the tragic romantic death. Cercei had it coming for 7 seasons and she gets killed via cave in?! I call foul!! * I’m satisfied, that Dany kept her word vs Varys. She warned him what would happen if he betrayed her. What made that whole scenario work was that both characters stuck to their guns and there was no monologue. It was quick and to the point. Interestingly, when Dany says “Dracarys”, she says it with little emotion or hesitation. This is when I first began to think that Dany had lost it. * I’m Shellshocked, by the whole Red Keep ending. I kind of saw it coming but DAMN, I didn’t see THAT coming!! * I’m happy, that Arya survived. Death rides a pale horse and I think she’s coming for Danaerys.

I can’t wait to end this ride! I know there has been a lot of criticism on this last season but the truth of the matter is that you’re not going to please everyone. (See LOST) As usual, you guys are the best and I look forward to our next TV ride (West World S3). Big D, glad your in-law is doing well.

Always Listening,
Coach Markus

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