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Hey guys love the podcast! Happy GOT season. So bittersweet. Overall, I agree on your feelings towards the first episode so I will spare you the time. One thing that kept permeating through my mind is the foreshadowing. Varys comment about “nothing lasts forever” or Arya reminding John not to forget his family ties. I can’t help but feel as if there is going to be a divide between the Starks/ North and Danerys that I did not see coming. Maybe it’s too obvious but may there will be a situation where Jon has to choose between his “lover” and his ties to the Starks since I can’t see him disowning his Stark heritage? Also, maybe that’s why the writers had Samwell break the news to Jon and tell the story about Dany killing his parents to cause more division amongst Jon and Dany. All I’m saying is there may be a situation coming where there is a choice Jon has to make and that could end his relationship with Dany or the Starks because I don’t see a kumbya situation between the two of them. I originally thought it might be all of them against Cersei assuming the White Walkers are defeated but now I could see a three headed female race to the throne. Lastly, could this news maybe lead Dany to become “crazy” like her father and want to kill Jon since she has spent so much time and effort for the throne for her to find out it’s not the birth right she thought it was? That would be an awesome twist, thus the writers setting up this love story only to have Dany destroy them over her claim to the throne. Curious to see what you guys think. Can’t wait until Sunday!


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