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Hey Guys,

I hate to do it (and so do you), but after watching the finale twice I can’t help but find more comparisons to LOST. This was triggered by the scene where we see Dolores and the Man in Black encounter Bernard right outside The Forge. The entrance into The Forge just reminded me of an entrance into the back of “the hatch” from LOST. Then I started thinking a bit more. The Forge, The Cradle, the outside home Arnold built etc are similar to locations from lost. The Hatch (The Swan), The Pearl, The Orchid, etc etc. All secret locations where things go down. It makes me relate the Delos Corporation to the Dharma Initiative. Both funding experiments and conducting research. Then I start to think crazy and relate Locke to Ford/Bernard. Ben to Dolores. The end to the finale with Dolores, Hale and Bernard being in the outside world reminds of of when the castaways were finally rescued and are able to “go home”. I’m completely expecting for Bernard to have his “Jack moment” next season and scream out “We have to go back!!”, which will lead everyone back to the park after being outside in the real world for most of season 3. I’m probably stretching, but with JJ Abrams and Bad Robot involved, I don’t think it’s just a coincidence. Anyway, keep up the good work and we’ll see you at Shat The Movies until season 3!

-AO South Bay

PS: “What do we want?!?!”

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