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Hi Hosts! First time/long time

Just wanted to offer some thoughts on a comment that Gene made during the episode deep dive. The reference to Atticus’ lineage going back to Titus and Hannah did not sit well, and I know that you had good intentions. My problem as you probably see in hindsight is with the reference to Hannah being impregnated versus in actuality being raped. She was property without agency, rights, or freedom so that passive reference should not be used to describe the dynamic in that relationship.

I have listened to the pod long enough to understand and fully believe that you are all allies in the pursuit of diversity and equity, so know that my comment comes from a good place. In fact, I do take to heart Gene’s statement about the pressure to “get it right” that came later in that same episode. I get it. All of us are learning about the world around us, and we have to open to that growth. Thanks for the great coverage and the community that you have built around it.

George Dickinson
Houston, TX

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