Is Every God Racist?

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I love listening to your podcasts guys especially at work because it really makes the day go.

This episode was great, but I have no qualm with how heavy handed the message was in this episode. It’s the first time I felt it. I literally threw up my hands when we met Vulcan and yelled, Is every God racist!

I’m not sure if they are playing up to the American epithet that racism is simply ingrained within the soil and thus the Gods mindsets are prone to this behavior, but this hammering of the stance is making me feel like I’m being told instead of given information to facilitate my own conclusion. They are also making it a very black and white issue which is not true of all racism. Blacks hate blacks, Mexicans hate blacks, blacks hate Asians, so on and so forth.

So the white devil being personified is not the only form of racism in America. I guess what I’m asking is when is it too much? Do you feel like it’s becoming something ad nauseaum?

I am proud of the show for shining light on the issue plights of many cultures. But every time Shadow walks in a room, he’s demoralized with flippant and oftentimes direct racism. Which is weird with the older Gods as civilization was not pure white when their ascension became. If you follow the theory of evolution, man migrated from Africa.

It could also be that the repeated scene of a noose and a tree has everything to do with Odin and yetthe Gods themselves are introduced prior.

I wonder if this is why Biliquis has been missing. With all this negativity surrounding race, will any person of color rise to be a hero? Mr. Nancy seems to represent a more destructive personality in the face of oppression. Will Biliquis be the more heroic story? I kind of feel like after all this shit people pf color have endured just within the last 6 episodes I need one story that gives hope. But I never read the book so I could be totally wrong about what her character is for.

Thanks again for all you do.

Christina J.

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5 Responses

  1. Don says:

    It is an ok show but as soon as ananci and bilquis are on screen it suddenly becomes a diatribe of anti white sentiment.
    Why can’t we leave the bullshit out of it?
    I just want to watch a show without an agenda.

    • Gene Lyons says:

      African and Egyptians gods being enraged by the mistreatment of their people in a new land makes sense to me. I don’t think a show examining the feelings of deities toward the currents state of things is “bullshit.” Rather, it’s thinking a level above the TV we were fed for years. Television is advancing as an art form, and its makers are making their mark.

  2. Sakasama says:

    Racist beyond beleif is what it is! The egyptions weren’t black, and neither were their gods… this anti white stuff has go to StOo!

  3. Lydia says:

    I just started watching. Midway through Vulcan’s episode, I had to google “American Gods” and racist. Even the Egyptian woman who died had to make a reference to Anubus being Black. I’m wondering if it’s worth watching if this continues.

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