Episode 805 Small Council: Dany Was Always The Mad Queen

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Hi guys, Jim from Manhattan, KS here.

At the beginning of this episode, Varys says to Jon “Every time a Targaryen is born, the Gods flip a coin…” This has been referenced throughout the show over the years. I think that Dany has always been destined to be the mad queen that we see that come to fruition in this episode.

Until this season, Dany has continually gained more and more power with very little setbacks, and the only thing power can do is corrupt, and last night’s episode was a classic example of this. The more she gains power throughout the show, the more she makes decisions that make her supporters question her motives. On top of that, Dany always felt that this was her destiny, whereas Jon doesn’t want to be king or the throne because he always thought he was a bastard who would never have anything. That is why he doesn’t want it.

It’s just like in the first Captain America movie when Steve Rodgers is selected for the super soldier program. He was picked because he never had power before, and will always be humbled by that upbringing. That is Jon Snow. Even though the show starts with Dany being slaved away to Khal Drogo, her story arc always centered around her being powerful and sitting on the throne, which is why over the years she has been corrupted by that power and decided to burn everyone to ash.

Great podcast! Enjoy listening every week.

Jim from Manhattan, KS

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