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Dear ShatonTV,

Where to begin? I’m going to try to be positive, since this episode made me feel like I was being waterboarded with Benard. Look guys, not every episode is going to be a home run. I do think looking back on the season this will likely be the worst episode, because it really just felt forced and out of place. The acting was spot on, how Tony made Ford go from gentleman to a terrifying maniac, and complete with all his witty obscure references. The cinematography and score in the show is better then anything we could imagine. Still, this episode failed to hit the mark, it was like a dumbed down version of our favorite show. I did love when Ford said, as almost as if he was speaking to us directly, “isn’t the pleasure of a story, discovering the ending yourself?”

I am starting to get a deep understanding of the show and its interpretation of life. Back when we saw James Delos last, he had an epic meltdown upon hearing his family had passed on, and that “no one was coming for him”. I think that directly runs parallel to the stories that are playing out with delores, maeve, and william (mib). (Feel free to condense this to a shorter explanation) Since we know the stories of the characters, i wont rehash that. I’ll try to get into the meat of my point right away. Delores believes that her Father, and Teddy, both serve as constraints, and she realizes she is just programmed to care about them. We see that her father speaking, distracts Delores from Hale, allowing Hale to escape. We end knowing Delores has already reprogrammed Teddy, to a point she barely recognizes him. Delores cut the CPU out of dear ole Abernathy’s head, but not before they have one last Daddy Daughter moment. Abernathy tells Delores, “I am what I am because of you, i wouldn’t have it any other way”. She clearly has eliminated those constraints that she believes keeps her from achieving true freedom. I think Delores has gone what I’m going to call “Full Wyatt” now. Next we go to Maeve, who had found her daughter, whom she completely knows and understands that she’s programmed to love. Despite that she continues, until she becomes vengeful from the memories of the man in black. He shows no aggression from the get go, but Maeve seems eager to seek revenge anyways. She becomes so blinded by rage, that she ends up losing her daughter and allowing herself to be shot by QA. The scene between Maeve and Delores, Maeve says Delores is lost in the dark, Delores actually had to pause a good ten seconds before finally saying “when you’ve been in the dark this long enough, you begin to see”, she uses that to rationalize everything she has done, but it’s quite obvious in that pause she misses those “constraints” (family, friends) Man in black is well documented, ditched his daughter for his “final mission”. Allowing himself to be blinded, instead of seeing what ultimately should matter most.

In summation, its pretty clear that whether we are programmed or not, to love and care for family, that love is not a chain keeping us from achieving more. It isnt a constraint. We have discussed this a little before, but what is life without the ones we love? Where would we be if we live forever, but it is only just us individually, and you lose everyone you ever cared for? That is a pretty steep cost for eternity. Delores is willing to sacrifice everyone she “cared” for, for what exactly? Freedom? Great you have freedom, now what? If you are all alone after it all, does it even matter? I think this episode just further shows the flaws in Wyatt/Delores, and that she’s likely to find out these errors in the end.

Faithful Listener, Kenny P.
#SaveAbernathy #WeLoveLou

(As a fun fact, I watched an interview by after buzz TV on YouTube, about this episode, where Louis Herthum said that the buzzsaw opening his head was originally on the script to be on screen and they had prepared to shoot it, but in the end it was scrapped, he also said that he shot another scene, he wouldn’t go into detail, but he wasn’t sure if they would use it or not, he said it was a great scene, so maybe, we will have one last Scene for Abernathy)

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