Episode 5 Jon Snow and Longclaw

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Thanks so much for your podcast. It has made this last season so much better for me and I wish that I would have discovered it earlier. I totally agreed with both of you during the instacast. It was awesome watching shit get blown up inspite of Jamie making it back to Cersei with 2 big gouges in his vital organs, Arya giving up so easy, and Cersei dying so lame.

Everyone that I talked to today about the show did not seem to notice something so I wanted to run it by y’all. First of all – I noticed 3 or 4 times in the beginning where the camera seemed to focus on Jon’s sword Longclaw. It was almost like they had red circles and arrows saying “see here is Jon with his sword with the wolf head”. When we last see Jon, he his trying to get everyone to retreat but Drogon is blowing shit up in front of him. Then Arya comes out of the rubble (just before she finds the miracle horse) and is looking at the burned to a crisp bodies. One of the incinerated bodies is holding something in his hand that looks like a burned wolf head pommel – the camera literally does a close up on it for a brief moment. I paused the screen and you can sorta see a metal blade along the side of the body. Am I crazy? Should I be wearing a tinfoil hat? Also I DID NOT see Jon in episode 6 preview.

I also noticed that when Daenerys attacked the fleet, she was flying with the sun directly behind her. Euron was shading his eyes a couple of times like he couldn’t see that big old dragon coming at him.

IMHO, Sansa better watch her ass. If Daenerys is really the mad Queen, I think she will go after Sansa because she betrayed her by telling Tyrion. She will get Sansa to bend the knee or destroy Winterfell.

Many thanks for making this show even better, can’t wait for the deep dive. Kate E in Austin, TX

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