Episode 5 GOT

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Andrew white from Wiltshire, England here. This is my first email, love the show and love the podcast! I look forward to each installment and listen to them while milking my 200 cow dairy herd.

I haven’t listened to the deep-dive yet but I was shocked to hear on the instacast that you both felt Danny had to destroy the red keep like she did, killing innocent women and children! For me, this was the turning point where she went full MAD QUEEN! The bells had been rung, she had won the war. This was her just generating fear to rule with and showing us that shes were no different from her forefathers. For me, she has to die in the last episode and hopefully at the had of John. Or burned by Drogon! However, I would love it if the writers surprised us and finished it with John and his north men going back up north and taking his seat as King of the north and leaving it open for future episodes for they’re battles! Maybe this is me just wishing GOT will never end!

Love the podcast! Not looking forward to that ending either!

All the best from across the pond!

Andrew W

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Hi Andrew! You’re basically living my dream life.

    As for Daenerys, I don’t think Big D or I believe Dany HAD TO destroy King’s Landing. She wanted to. That’s what makes her action so much more powerful. I don’t think she did it because she made a military blunder or is truly nuts. She acted in rage and frustration. She wanted to see the town burn.

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