Episode 4 Mysteries and Reveals

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Just finished the deep dive and agreed with a lot of the sentiments, but had some conflicting opinions of certain mysteries and reveals

Lets start with the mystery of Bran. I do not believe he is the Night King, but instead is the 3 eyed raven himself in all forms, the “old guy in the tree” version as well as the “kid” version we know and love (he is also “Bran the Builder” who makes the Wall but that is mostly “book only” theory at this point). I look at the Night King and the 3 Eyed Raven as the diametrically opposed sides of “the Force” in the show. In other words, you have the behind the scenes “big bad” and “big good” with the enemy being the more active as they normally are. The 3 Eyed Raven is the “Yoda” and the Night King is the “Palpatine” (which leaves Jon as the Luke but that again is besides the point). So I think to have Bran be the Night King would be a stretch, but would bring “Balance to the Force” I simply feel that being the 3 eyed Raven in all incarnations is enough. Mirra confirms this by saying “You Died in that Cave”..she means it figuratively, but since Bran specifically DOES NOT CORRECT HER and we know he is blunt and literal, he is agreeing that yes “HE” died in that cave, as the old 3 eyed Raven

Agreed with BigD on Jamie, if he connects there war is over, Lannisters win..good game, no doubt he has to do this

I hope you will talk about the “cowardice” of the Dothraki. I understand that they do not practice chivalry but taking out a horse’s legs instead of the man is straight cowardice. I am not going to get into cultural differences and where these norms lead to in our modern times, but I lost a TREMENDOUS amount of respect for the Dothraki here in their fighting styles and I assume this will simply feed the xenophobia Cersei started

This one is a bit out there, but there has been a long standing theory (books mostly) that Syrio Forel is also Jacquen H’gar (or at least some Faceless Man). This theory also may have gotten some traction with me this episode. When Brienne asks Arya who taught her to fight like that she says “no one” which we all know is a call out to the Faceless Men. Except, it was NOT the Faceless Men (Jacquen) who taught her to fight at all, it was entirely Syrio, except when she was blind fighting the Waif. It may be far fetched and a lot of it is driven from the fact we never see Syrio die (book or show) and hope there are character connections (that may not exist)

I understand your issue with the Scorpion (and cannot believe you went all that time with no reference to the Hobbit and Smaug) but you cannot simply have Dany as Dues ex Machina. You NEED the dragons to be vulnerable or else as Jon said she is just the same cruel ruler..

I thought the episode was intense and well made, thanks for getting the podcasts flowing so fast and furiously

-Scott (AUStarwars)

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  1. Thiago Waldhelm says:

    Scott, I agree that Bran isn’t the Night King, but I can’t agree that he’s the old Three Eyed Raven, simply because we know who the Three Eyed Raven is: Brynden Rivers, also known as the Bloodraven (http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Brynden_Rivers#A_Dance_with_Dragons). =)

    As for te Syrio-Jaqen theory, I’ve been into that since I first saw it and it’s something I still hope to get some confirmation one day!

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