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Watching episode 2, which I actually enjoyed more than the previous episode, showed us a glimpse of Dolores’s enemies and their capabilities. We witnessed Maeve being run through simulation after simulation but being granted just enough cognizance to determine that she is not a host, then granted a sidekick to get her to the forge, where she determined that she was actually in a simulation, and finally allowing enough freedom to make a plan to escape and enact it…my theory is that Serac, or Rhoeboem (one of the two) were actually pulling her strings the entire time, testing her step by step and monitoring her moves to determine how she would react. If you noticed, she was not the only host they we’re testing: they’ve been running tests on what looked to be dozens of hosts, more than likely all that were involved in season 2’s bloodbath. I believe that Rhoeboem is studying the hosts and giving them just enough of a leash to believe that they’re free so it can figure out how to counter Dolores, most likely because it had never encountered an entity such as her and does not know how to fight back. It can only predict known patterns, and if it knew how she would react or her motives it could once again be 1 step ahead, thus ending this game of robot death chess early before things fall into disrepair.

Conversely, I assumed that each Pearl that we witnessed being tested was a different host, but they have made a hundred or so copies of Maeve herself, running each test simultaneously to expedite the process. Imagine an army of Maeve’s charging at Dolores and her crew amidst a hail of gunfire.

Regardless, I just want to see William…he better get his ass moving FAST, because someone left the gate open and his favorite pet got out, and he better go wrangle her in before she causes havoc in the world.

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    An army of Maeves sounds pretty amazing. As long as the CGI is better than in the Matrix Reloaded and they had all the Mr. Smiths running toward Neo 🙂

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