Episode 7 “A Prayer For Mad Sweeney”

American Gods Episode 7 “A Prayer For Mad Sweeney”

“American Gods” tried something different with Episode 7: A Prayer For Mad Sweeney. The Starz show stuck close to the Neil Gaiman novel, and it hugged a single narrative for the full hour. Discover what this episode revealed about the American Gods universe, why Emily Browning got so much screen time and the true identity of Mr. Ibis. 

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5 thoughts on “Episode 7 “A Prayer For Mad Sweeney””

  1. Great cast guys I love it. You guys are professional sounding and have chemistry. My only complaint is your hate of Laura. Not because of what she does or how she acts, you hate cause you can’t stand the actress Emily Browning . That just seems like a wrong reason to hate the character Laura. Emily is beautiful and in my opinion is doing a great job at portraying Laura. But hey, it’s your podcast and your opinion . Keep up the good job guys.

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