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Hey,Idk if I’m breaking the rules by sending a second email but I have thoughts and I didn’t want to lay an essay in you. I really didn’t like the show’s handling of Emmitt Till. It felt cheap. He’s essentially just an extra in previous extras, isn’t mentioned for a while and then his death happens and we’re supposed to feel bad. And if you know the event you will feel probably, but so much of the episode is devoted to his murder you’d think he was a series regular. Maybe I wouldn’t feel this disappointment if he was. It might have been better if they just left him out of the show all together. This cheap middle ground feels like an easy, fast way to appeal to the audience’s pathos. Ultimately I think this is a manifestation of King B’s concern from episode 1 of this shows ability to balance eldritch horror with real life horror. The cutting between the 2 prevents either from reaching it’s full potential. Am I off here? If I am please let me know.-Chris

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