Elsie Killed By Arnold

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I’ve been enjoying your show, thanks.

I’m curious, why would Ford tell Bernard to kill Elsie? Wasn’t she discovering important information that Theresa and others were stealing important data that Ford wanted to be kept secret? What if Ford wasn’t lying that he never told Bernard to kill anyone else and it was actually Arnold that sent Bernard to kill Elsie so his plan wouldn’t be discovered? Just curious,
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2 Responses

  1. RG says:

    omfg ! LET ME BE FIRST. Elsie Hughes is pulling the strings of the Indians that are attacking stubbs. After Bernard’s failed attempt to kill her she’s hiding out in the park using the indians as bodygaurds. Her and Stubbs certainly had a little chemistry going on. They will be one faction in the next season. A few factions all with different agendas for next season.

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