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Thanks for the journey on the back of this beast called, Game of Thrones. Your podcasts were the wheels that kept me moving after each show.

It baffles me how many people feel Missandei’s exclamation to Daenerys, Greyworm, Tyrion and company of, “ DRACARYS!”, to be out of character and the wrong message.

As a person of color, more specifically a black man, I’ve watched the show from day one. The show runners had a ton of racial missteps and the list is extensive. From the lack of casting a wealth of talented ethic actors to the continuous theme of the white haired, white skinned savior, these blunders should be evaluated by the show creators before putting pen to paper on their next projects.

But as far as Misande’s last words, I 100% understand her underlying message of, “BURN THEM ALL!”. We met her as an enslaved interpreter. She hardly saw a free day in her life. It’s hard to think about how many times she’d been violated by her masters. Even though Dany set her free, she was not given a choice. So, was she truly free under Dany’s rule? The Breaker of Chains did not give her the option of walking away to start a new life. Missandei was under a different type of slavery in my opinion.

When she was captured by Cersei, there was a clear shot of her chained hands when we first see her after the ambush. She was chained once more. Imagine being beaten, raped and treated with unconscionable hatred because of the color of your skin. I’m sure she made a promise to herself to never be chained again, but yet, there she was. What would run through your mind? In this new and unknown land, knowing your outcome at the hands of Cersei would inevitably be death, would your last words be subtle or morally correct? No, I don’t think so. It would come from pure anger and disappear, no matter the consequences after your last breath.

“Draycarus!” (“Burn them all.”)

Really. Can you blame her?

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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