Dr. Ford Is a Sadistic Pimp!

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Hey, guys,

I was almost as excited for the instacast as the finale itself to hear your take on things.

One thing I was surprised about was all the excuses for Ford’s behavior and labeling him a hero.

Just to be clear, Arnold made the hosts conscious before the park opened so there was no need for Ford to allow them to be raped and tortured for THIRTY years to get there, and that kind of pain seems to be taken lightly in Ford’s defense . He only did so for his own self-interest to pimp them out so he could get the money to create his own little world.

And now he created a narrative so the hosts can fight back, but he put them in that position in the first place, anyone would be crazy to think that thirty years of torture was worth revenge, when the whole situation didn’t need to happen (he wasn’t curing cancer he was indulging rich people).

And the humans he had murdered? The people he had Dolores kill at the party (and Theresa for that matter) had not committed a crime, they simply gave money to Ford! why call him a hero ?! It’s ridiculous. He knows the hosts have achieved consciousness but purposefully kept that info secret and let rich guests harm the hosts. Including children for pete’s sake ( we know MiB killed Maeve’s daughter).

It seems like I’m missing something with all these excuses for Ford, and I love the character, by the way, Hopkins is amazing, but as a Villain.

Rant over.

Random aside , I don’t remember any mention of the wolf running through the flashback of the slaughter in the first episode , which is back in the finale . I thought of a wolf in sheep’s clothing when Dolores was confirmed as the one killing, but haven’t thought too deeply about that .

Looking forward to the deep dive,

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